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Il Tinaio

Via Cavour, 22 – Sasso Pisano Castelnuovo Val Di Cecina(Pi)  tel. +39 0588 247015

INFO MENU  Eu.15-28

price range in Euro drinks not included:
price with two disches – full menu price


Meat: YES
Fish: on Fridays
Vegetarian: 5 dishes
Celiac: Yes no AIC
Terrace / Garden: NO
Ceremonies: 75 People

at Lunch:  Always Open
at Dinner: Closed on Monday


The restaurant Il Tinaio adopts the mindset “locally grown” and organic and biodynamic products from our area, natural products with which they are satisfied the most demanding palates.

With this in mind we produce tortelli “homemade” completely made by the skilled hands of our Cook, which uses grain of absolute origin of Tuscany and ricotta and chard from our area, manual processes used to produce our pasta, gnocchi, lasagne and pappardelle. Sauces for salad dressing that daily we offer come from old recipes and traditions in the area of Sasso Pisano, such as sauce, mushroom sauce (mix in certain amount of ovules, chanterelles and porcini) or vegetable sauces. Secondly, we propose to, depending on the season, cighiale with olives, local chianina steak and lamb sliced sheep’s “La pomarancina”, tripe, pork liver, wild fennel, liver Venetian style, polenta made with stone ground wheat and pork loin in the oven. We will delight your palate with sweets homemade “” who daily produce, with our wines with our aperitifs, such as ponce “to sasserina”.


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